The ReChill® Concept Air-Conditioning Chiller

Recycling by Reuse in a Tough Financial Climate.

The ReChill® Concept Air-Conditioning Chiller

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A fresh alternative to the major capital demands of New chiller plant to replace older, but very often serviceable plant has been actively developed to provide a comprehensive range of upgrade options for life extension of an older plant.

Invariably even when a Chiller is old or indeed otherwise troublesome, a substantial proportion of the equipment will remain quite serviceable. For instance, the major assemblies such as the Evaporator remain fully functional and certainly, the Base Framework will often simply need an aesthetic facelift.

The ReChill® concept offers a range of specific highly developed techniques that offers a pioneering approach not often considered when older plant is under review. The results can be quite spectacular, both in terms of restored functionality, efficiency and also financially.

The past few years have seen a major upheaval in manufacturing techniques available to the Cooling Industry as businesses vie to promote their ‘Environmental’ credentials, both as suppliers and users. As an established ‘Compressor Re-manufacturer’ ThermaCom have always been in the business of effectively recycling otherwise defunct equipment as the basis of their business model, and this was long before ‘Green’ business ethics were vogue.

Building upon the well-founded techniques offered by the original equipment pioneers serving the Building Services industry, the Compressor remanufacturers, ThermaCom with sister firm ThermOzone have extended the range of services offered, effectively taking the traditional concept of a remanufacturing Factory to the Client’s job site and the Cooling equipment itself. Invariably removal from the installed position would simply be impractical for larger plant.

Indeed the ReChill® concept scores more and more where the Chiller plant concerned is ‘Built In’ and effectively ‘Locked In’. By offering a comprehensive range of specialised techniques, life extension of large air-conditioning chillers is not only viable, but offers the most cost effective and environmentally based solution to running Chiller equipment for business support purposes.

The four key goals now satisfy an increasing list of Clients achieve a considerable improvement in their CO2 reduction targets are...

1: Life cycle extension rather than renewal
2: Operating energy consumption reduction
3: Removal of HCFCs – predominantly R22 & its derivative blends
4: Cost factors - cash outlay & also site disruption

The ReChill® concept allows a highly bespoke solution tailored to reflect the actual requirements of each Chiller project encountered.

Looking more closely at the key goals we look to achieve the following as realistic targets for most projects...

10 years extended Service life

A new chiller means every last nut bolt and washer, and each component part impacts upon the use of resources, including energy of manufacture, which, conveniently, is omitted from SEER figures. Also as these parts are almost exclusively made outside the UK they place a heavy burden upon our somewhat delicate trade balance.

Operating Energy reductions 20% plus

(NB results exceeding 35% have been authenticated)

This excludes the almost indefinable, and invariably understated energy of base component production for new equipment.

R22 is now gone, so success here is now mandatory

If your R22 plant remains key to your business support then you should act now, as serviceability remaining is rapidly reducing.

Typical ReChill® projects achieve the end result for 35 - 60% comparative cost for new (designed, installed & running)

Energy reduction then provides ongoing payback. ReChill® chillers enjoy many, if not all, the energy-reducing features of new chillers. Also, lack of site disruption offers further hidden and often substantial cost savings, and we have tackled some projects where new install was simply not a viable proposition without a full building refit in conjunction.

Not all chillers can be successfully life extended, but if we life extend four chillers by five years each the result for the environment ( UK plc balance of Trade!) is one less chiller built (assuming a twenty year lifespan for the average chiller - as an aside we would also advise that a substantial volume of ReChill® techniques are applied to ‘modern’ chillers built too much to price, and certainly many newer chillers simply will not make the 20 year lifespan many would expect).

The clock is definitely ticking on the R22 issue, and with the present uncertainty in the general economy now acknowledged as the start of a deep recession, new equipment, including the relevant on-cost, is not necessarily the answer the Financiers want to hear of.

Thus in a language, the Accountant can understand, ReChill® effectively saves up to 60% the outlay for new equipment, realising a comparative payback (on the 60% not spent) of less than 3 years, plus considerable and ongoing energy savings, which can reduce payback in some cases to as little as 1 – 2 years.

The ReChill® package offered comes with a full warranty for the techniques applied (warranty is commensurate with each project) and in some cases we may offer a full warranty as typical for a new Chiller.

The specific techniques available have been developed over a wide range of chiller makes and models, and are now refined to a high technical complexity, easily comparable with new equipment...

Controls System Upgrade (Windows based electronics)

The Magnum system is highly developed and can be applied to any existing chiller up to 20 circuits with a capacity of 80 each input & output channels, plus 20 analogue channels for control of electronic refrigeration valves, Condenser Fan Speed Controllers, Chilled Water pumps, VFD’s, etc. The Magnum can communicate directly with most current BMS Systems via direct run / fault signal, or for more complex BMS Systems, standard communications modes e.g. BACnet, Modbus, etc.

Magnum maximises chiller availability and provides compressor protection to the highest available standard, including Single phase, Lo Superheat, automatic High ambient unload, etc...

Unique to Magnum is the ‘Low Sub-cooling’ alarm parameter. This allows us to shut down a Chiller and generate a service warning when a small leak first occurs, but before it reaches a critical level - surely this must be in the best interests of both F Gas fundamentals and environmental protection.

Compressor Re-selection (recip to Screw or SemiScroll™)

Compressor upgrade from Reciprocating mode to Screw typically offers 20% + energy reduction from the more efficient compression characteristics of Screw compressors. Often increased duty is achieved (within the available capacity of other system components not replaced, e.g. the evaporator).

For smaller systems the unique SemiScroll™ is prescribed. At last a Scroll compressor intended to be repairable when service life ends, and in the case of SemiScroll™ this can be achieved without even removing it from its bedplate!

R22 Phase Out Gas Retrofit

ReChill® has developed using the Direct Replacement Refrigerants from Du Pont® MO59; MO29 & MO99 (R417A; R422D R438A). ThermOzone have learned virtually every lesson there is associated with these highly effective and energy-efficient refrigerant gases. But would suggest clients should be wary of incorrect application of these refrigerants, where full appreciation of the entire refrigeration system and application is vital to project success.

Condenser Coil Replacement

Air-cooled condensers are the most age prone system components, and may severely limit functionality of the chiller in higher ambient conditions or where airflow restrictions exist. Our coils can be supplied in increased duty, for higher ambient operation, and we now offer vinyl coated fins as standard reducing routine cleaning requirement, whilst maintaining higher operating efficiency.

A condenser is designed to discharge waste heat energy. The more effectively it does this, the less loading it places on the compressor, and reduced electrical load (energy draw) is the result. If all the condensers in the UK were kept properly cleaned and functional the overall saving would be simply colossal (estimates suggest a 20% reduction in the 45% current National Grid load placed by Cooling equipment).

We provide bespoke manufactured condensers made to withstand UK weather conditions and avoid cheaper / lighter coils OK for the dryer conditions of the Mediterranean, but less suited to the salty, wet climate of the UK.

New Evaporators – Plate or Shell & Tube

This option is often less viable due to access restrictions on many sites, where damage to existing evaporators may render the plant a write off. But we do offer radical solutions to save the otherwise redeemable plant, such as Shell & Tube vessels to replace multiple plate exchangers.

Ancillary Equipment – Switchgear, Fans, System controls

All projects take appropriate account of other system assemblies to ensure all areas are adequately reinvigorated. Of particular note and certainly, an effective upgrade is the inclusion of Fan Speed Control to provide a stable system, particularly for plant operating in lower ambient conditions.


ThermOzone ReChill® standards require plant that is left aesthetically in Year 1 condition. Invariably Project paymasters may not understand the technicalities of the ReChill® concept applied, but they will appreciate their Chillers (and the immediate vicinity) returned in a clean and re-preserved condition. We use high quality Industrial paints allowing ReChill® chillers to operate for the long term even in marine atmospheric environmental conditions.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

ReChill® projects are supported with a dedicated O&M Manual providing full reference and technical description of the ReChill® chiller concerned. We also offer full PPM services, if required, in conjunction with extended warranty packages.

ReChill® Warranty

Warranty varies with Project scope, but all majors aspects will receive a one year warranty, generally extended without extra charge to 2 years were PPM is taken up. In certain cases we will offer a five year warranty deal.

Actual requirement will vary as to suitability from project to project.

If you want to know more what can be achieved with your old Chiller, contact us today - 0118 9181 400.