The Importance of Knowing Your R Values

As this is the festive season I was considering and hopefully receiving a number of high volatile chemicals.

These items cannot be posted must be hand delivered —to my horror I had no cosh sheet and started to wonder how I could apply these items?

I contacted Ashrea to get clarification on the correct “R” number -I am still waiting?!

In the mean time I look at the HSE for help and realised that I needed a risk assessment unlike HSE most of the community wanted to help. I decided to experience the danger myself I therefore stop everyone from helping me. As I know this chemical when released can have some real effects.

I went about having a full PPE awareness the need for mask with googles was a must even though this chemical could be in an open space. After experimenting I found it was too clumsy to wear googles and a mask finally a number of wash bottles in case of eye spillage where collated.

Sometimes despite all the preparation it all falls down to experience I then inhaled — my mind went to munch I made a note in the risk assessment. I carried on despite efforts of the staff to stop me I ended swallowing finally after the first bottle I made another note that it is possible to stay standing but a high risk of falling over and to speak with some sense even though the substance was addictive.
Naturally this made it harder to stop but finally my colleagues held me back.

The next day I wrote up my experience and tried to have a chat to my colleagues and was rebuffed never the less I was determined to go out with my cosh sheet and risk assessment and fully armed with my PPE to seek out those that have made my life a misery this year.

I was astonished all the bottles went and no one took any notice to the HSE or the CDM along with my personal risk assessment.

Ashrea informs me there are no “R” values for bottles of wine - what the hell do they know!!

I ask you!!!!! — merry xmas.