ReChill® is a ThermOzone product allowing the customer or client a chiller rebuilt in situ or by bespoke design to the site and client’s needs.


Why ReChill®?

Using the most up-to-date technology not only in the equipment on the chiller but also as part of the planning phase.

Every ReChill® chiller, whether refurb or new, has the highest level that the company - and often industry - can offer in terms of planning and design.

What can ReChill® offer me?

Each and every ReChill® chiller will be bespoke to the original chiller’s actual requirement, and must take into account the primary goals of...

  • Life extension
  • Energy reduction
  • Removal from service of R22

ReChill® offers a complete package for your commercial Chiller needs and, due to being a ThermOzone Ltd product, we are able to offer you a highly sought-after maintenance service for that specific chiller or building.

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