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ThermOzone are refrigeration and air conditioning experts serving the London area.

The ThermOzone team can assist in the maintenance, servicing and repair of refrigeration and air conditioning services within London, as well as advising the best solution after completing a site survey.

NuChill - ThermaGroup

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NuChill® - Bespoke Chiller Design

With the design of our NuChill® chiller we took a view that allows for ease of service and maintenance, helping you save on the running costs of your chiller. This also gives clients the peace of mind that items can be replaced easily if and when required. Each chiller is designed around the needs of the client and the building it is in, whilst still incorporating the NuChill® design.


ThermOzone has been able to provide our clients with another fantastic option with our chiller control.

This includes a fully functioning, remote access control over the internet using the already available software that comes with any of our control installs. This new addition to our controls ‘family’ gives the user the ability to access the chiller located on their site from any internet connection and review alarms, change available set points (factory code required), and gives the user the added ability to see chiller status and general performance.

What can Rodem offer me?

Rodem has been specifically programmed offsite to enable quick install onsite, carried out by one of our professional engineers, thereby preventing the tiresome teething issues relating to other remote connection technologies.

One of the benefits of using this system with your MCS controls is that you have the ability to connect to your chiller at any time you like. This gives major flexibility for managers and/or engineers looking after multiple sites, to carry out monitoring on a more frequent basis, saving both time and travel.



  • Secure ip address designated for only your chiller.
  • Quick simple set-up (with ThermOzone’s control system).
  • Multiple chillers on one Rodem connection.
  • WIFI zone optional around the chiller.
  • Full support on set-up.


  • Advanced monitoring of the chiller from any internet connection.
  • Reduced costs on call outs.
  • More comprehensive interrogation of the chiller.
  • Diagnostics of alarms and nuisance trips easily monitored.

Additional information

  • WiFi access in vicinity of the chiller, with site specific log-in details (up to 1Gb per month of usage)
  • Free install (during same time as MCS controls installs)
  • Access level options available from either 'factory' or 'view only' (warranty may be affected at factory level)
  • Only three months notice for cancellation required
  • Hardware install no longer than one day
  • PC based connect software
  • Free technical support (with PPM contracts)

For more information on Rodem and what it can do for you, please don't hesitate to contact us


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ReChill® - Chiller Rebuild and Servicing

ReChill® allows the client to rebuild a chiller in situ or using bespoke design to suit their site and needs.

Every ReChill® chiller has the highest level that the company - and often industry - can offer in terms of planning and design. Each chiller is completely bespoke to the client requirements and aims to extend the life of the chiller, reduce energy consumption and remove R22. We also offer a maintenance service with each chiller to ensure your chiller continues to work as required.


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Our Products

Please take a look through our uniquely engineered and designed
products established and perfected for our clients.




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London - Did you know?

London has an oceanic climate similar to the rest of southern England. London receives less rain in a year than places such as Rome, New York and Sydney. Extreme temperatures recorded in London range from 38.1°C to -16°C.

Summers in London are typically warm, the average high in July is 24°C, and on average London gets 31 days above 25°C per year.

Image: City of London Skyline | User: Colin and Kim Hansen | CC by SA 4.0



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