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ThermOzone are refrigeration and air conditioning experts serving the Cambridge area.

The ThermOzone team can assist in the maintenance, servicing and repair of refrigeration and air conditioning services within Cambridge, as well as advising the best solution after completing a site survey.

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NuChill® - Bespoke Chiller Design

With the design of our NuChill® chiller we took a view that allows for ease of service and maintenance, helping you save on the running costs of your chiller. This also gives clients the peace of mind that items can be replaced easily if and when required. Each chiller is designed around the needs of the client and the building it is in, whilst still incorporating the NuChill® design.


With the design of our NuChill® chiller we took a view that allows for ease of service and maintenance.

ThermOzone has over 20 years of experience in servicing and maintaining chillers of all different makes and models in many different locations around the UK; by designing a chiller around these ease of service criteria, our clients gain further savings on the chiller’s running costs, and peace of mind that if items need to be replaced that they can be easily and with very little fuss. We also made a conscious effort not to forget the individual nature of each client, and that each chiller will be designed around their needs and that of the building it’s in, but still incorporating the principle of the NuChill® design.


Filling the criteria

As some of you have found (including ourselves), replacing an old chiller can cause major issues, not only with the new chiller fitting in the original space but also all of the peripheral connections to the chiller needing to be changed, so we decided we needed a chiller design that can not only stand the test of time but also fill the criteria of what the NuChill® product concept is all about.

Approaching the design

When we approached the design of the chiller, given the tightness of the scope that we needed to fall into, many sketches and drawings were put forward, and from those we were able to come up with a concept designed around ease of use and service, and keeping in mind that the chiller will undergo further changes and adaptation due to the client's requirements.


Why NuChill®?

NuChill® chillers by ThermOzone Ltd have been designed to save you time and money. And, the savings will continue with low operating costs and unique service support.

With refrigerant that is environmentally sound, installations Project Managed by our team of highly skilled Managers and Engineers, and a design centered around efficiency and with a powerful control system, these chiller units are ideal for both replacement and new construction projects.


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ReChill® - Chiller Rebuild and Servicing

ReChill® allows the client to rebuild a chiller in situ or using bespoke design to suit their site and needs.

Every ReChill® chiller has the highest level that the company - and often industry - can offer in terms of planning and design. Each chiller is completely bespoke to the client requirements and aims to extend the life of the chiller, reduce energy consumption and remove R22. We also offer a maintenance service with each chiller to ensure your chiller continues to work as required.


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Cambridge has two official weather stations, the National Institute of Agricultural Botany and the Cambridge University Botanic Garden. Cambridge has a maritime climate but is located in the driest region of Britain, with an average rainfall of only 570mm per year. The highest temperature recorded in Cambridge was 36.5°C, and the minimum temperature recorded here was -17.2°C.

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