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ThermOzone’s team are experts in chillers and air conditioning service and maintenance. We can assist you in technical areas and also advise further with our site surveys.

Our own free site survey will give you and your client an easy to follow, logical report with further information if required. A lot of our client base relies on us to provide them with stable and reliable service and information. ThermOzone offer a range of chiller solutions, including ReChill®, NuChill® and Rodem. 


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Bespoke Chiller Design

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ReChill® allows clients to have their chiller rebuilt to a bespoke design with the most up-to-date technology, tailored to the client's needs and those of the site.

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New Chiller Design & Build

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NuChill® chillers are designed for ease of service and maintenance; they are measured against our product criteria to ensure they can stand the test of time.

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Remote Chiller Monitoring

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Rodem allows remote monitoring and performance management of your chiller, giving greater flexibility and saving time and travel for managers.

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ReChill® allows the customer a chiller rebuild in situ or by bespoke design to the site and client’s needs.

ReChill® offers a complete package for your commercial chiller needs and we are able to offer you a highly sought-after maintenance service for that specific chiller or building.


Why ReChill®?

Using the most up-to-date technology not only in the equipment on the chiller but also as part of the planning phase.

Every ReChill® chiller, whether refurb or new, has the highest level that the company - and often industry - can offer in terms of planning and design.

What can ReChill® offer me?

Each and every ReChill® chiller will be bespoke to the original chiller’s actual requirement, and must take into account the primary goals of...

  • Life extension
  • Energy reduction
  • Removal from service of R22

With the design of our NuChill® chiller we took a view that allows for ease of service and maintenance.

ThermOzone has over 20 years of experience in servicing and maintaining chillers of all different makes and models in many different locations around the UK; by designing a chiller around these ease of service criteria, our clients gain further savings on the chillers running costs, and peace of mind that if items need to be replaced that they can be easily and with very little fuss. We also made a conscious effort not to forget the individual nature of each client, and that each chiller will be designed around their needs and that of the building it’s in, but still incorporating the principle of the NuChill® design.

Why NuChill®?

NuChill® chillers by ThermOzone Ltd have been designed to save you time and money. And, the savings will continue with low operating costs and unique service support. With refrigerant that is environmentally sound, installations Project Managed by our team of highly skilled Managers and Engineers, and a design centered around efficiency and with a powerful control system, these chiller units are ideal for both replacement and new construction projects.


NuChill® Chillers by ThermOzone Ltd



ThermOzone has been able to provide our clients with another fantastic option with our Rodem chiller control.

This includes a fully functioning, remote access control over the internet using the already available software that comes with any of our control installs. This new addition to our controls ‘family’ gives the user the ability to access the chiller located on their site from any internet connection and review alarms, change available set points (factory code required), and gives the user the added ability to see chiller status and general performance.

What can Rodem offer me?

Rodem has been specifically programmed offsite to enable quick install onsite, carried out by one of our professional engineers, thereby preventing the tiresome teething issues relating to other remote connection technologies.

One of the benefits of using this system with your MCS controls is that you have the ability to connect to your chiller at any time you like. This gives major flexibility for managers and/or engineers looking after multiple sites, to carry out monitoring on a more frequent basis, saving both time and travel.


  • Secure IP address designated for only your chiller.
  • Quick simple set-up (with ThermOzone’s control system).
  • Multiple chillers on one Rodem connection.
  • WiFi zone optional around the chiller.
  • Full support on set-up.


  • Advanced monitoring of the chiller from any internet connection.
  • Reduced costs on call outs.
  • More comprehensive interrogation of the chiller.
  • Diagnostics of alarms and nuisance trips easily monitored.


Rodem - Remote Chiller Monitoring from ThermaGroup

Additional information

  • WiFi access in vicinity of the chiller, with site specific log-in details (up to 1Gb per month of usage)
  • Free install (during same time as MCS controls installs)
  • Access level options available from either 'factory' or 'view only' (warranty may be affected at factory level)
  • Only three months notice for cancellation required
  • Hardware install no longer than one day
  • PC based connect software
  • Free technical support (with PPM contracts)

For more information on Rodem and what it can do for you, please don't hesitate to contact us.