Energy Reduction in a Cooled Building

Most air-conditioning chiller plant installations, especially those over 10 years old, are focused upon peak cooling capacity.

This results in equipment less engineered for more mundane loads are prevalent 90% of the time.

chiller sky

This means the chiller plant operates far from optimum efficiency. A water chiller on many buildings will be the heaviest load, and most expensive to maintenance burden. So servicing sometimes becomes a trade-off – but this can unwittingly increase energy bills.

However, older chillers can often benefit from techniques and concepts applied to current production cooling plant. ThermOzone, with their acclaimed Re-Chill concept, have made some astounding improvements and without the massive capital outlay and local disturbance required of new equipment.

Based in Reading, ThermOzone have been recycling air-conditioning equipment for over 20 years. Technical Director, Trevor Dann, commented: “The most exciting part of Re-Chill is the opportunity every project offers to learn and apply something new. Last year saw Variable Setpoint Chilled temperatures automated, and this year has seen the UK’s first retrofit Inverter screws.”