Compressor Repair for Transport Ships

Compressor and Controls for Transport Ships - ThermaCom

Marine ships are floating “machine” and are in need of durability with a high level of reliability often against technology, regulation and environment when actively at sea.

Compressor Repair - ThermaCom

It is no good asking for the niceties of fixing it tomorrow or having nuisance or erratic equipment. Generally the high skills of the ships engineer have to complimented with training and good equipment for the support ships for diver and expiration to go to places that no normal person want to be.

ThermaCom had the opportunity to supply compressor and controls which we have recently reviewed updating software and adding to the ships engineer knowledge. exercising repairs of worn parts and changing on site (ship was docked thank god) just one of many unusual Transport works taken on by ThermaCom for a very important ship.

The general controls which have a comprehensive sensors and software enable direct controls suiting the ships need in hostile environments to be able to quickly respond to changes in operation on the Remanufactured screw compressor given the ships chillers to respond like any other equipment on the ship.


Compressor Repair - ThermaCom

The Rodem system allows a direct computer screen to set, alter, monitor and reset with the ability to remotely monitor and more important direct adjustment can be made.

With the combination of Hanbells remanufactured compressor the system is fully in controls giving the needs of a marine live.

It has now been tailored to suit the electrical generators output given adjustment as each one of the generators are placed into operation a real difficult but accentual task for the long voyages that all marine vessels have to go through.

To all "Nor Atlantis” bon voyage.