Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier

ThermOzone are pleased to announce we have achieved Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier status.

This recognises the tremendous energy and equipment life time savings we have been making for our clients in regard to upgrade and replacement of older inefficient chillers under our ReChill and now NuChill brands.

Accredited supplier Carbon Trust

Notably we are only the the third company in our Industry sector (Air-conditioning and Refrigeration) to gain this accreditation, with only multi-national giants previously accredited. A first for a SME firm pioneering developments for our industry.
Having this accreditation supports from an renowned NGO our credentials and energy reduction claims for our projects as being bona fide, as the application process looked very closely at several prior projects. The Carbon Trust also provides potential clients with cost effective finance avenues for energy reduction projects.

Further details of the Carbon Trust scheme and financing options for energy reduction projects is available here …

The Green Business Directory may be of interest for other projects under your domain. Our own projects are also drawing significant interest from many larger businesses striving to comply with their ESOS obligations.
The funding options are something that could help finance projects under your own domain, offering low, and in certain areas no, interest loans paid for from the energy revenue savings achieved.

Please call or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you require any further details of Carbon Trust initiatives and how your clients can benefit and indeed fund these projects.