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Remanufactured Compressors

Remanufactured Compressors

New Compressors

New Compressors


F Gas Situation for Chillers

The F Gas Situation

As of 1st March 2018 price for R134a now exceeds that of R513A

The EU F Gas II regulations 2014 announced an 80% phase down of HFC (HydroFluoroCarbon) refrigerants entering the market by 2030, based upon the quantity used in ~2011.

Data Centre Cooling: Renew or perhaps Upgrade?

Data Centre Cooling - Renew or Perhaps Upgrade?

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Earlier data centres are approaching an age where their capital plant will be approaching its life point.

ACR News Submission for July 2017

Energy Effective Compression - ThermOzone

Over the past two decades the Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning industry has had to face up to some enormous challenges to deal with perceived environmental issues

The Changing Compressor Over 30 Years

Over the past three decades a revolution in compressor technology has taken place.

This advance in compressor technology is affecting the vast majority of vapour compression cooling systems used for water chiller applications.

Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier

ThermOzone are pleased to announce we have achieved Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier status.

ESOS and All That

Do not ignore the energy used by your Chillers

The Taming of the Screw - 10 Years On

A variety of Screw compressors can be used with modern Inverter Drive technology. This provides effective, reliable and energy efficient water chiller equipment.

Staying Cool on the Hottest Day of the Year

ThermOzone has now firmly established full remote access to service and monitor chillers via the Internet.

Low Temperature Fluid Chiller ReChill® Upgrade

The SnowDome May 2015 Tamworth Low Temperature Fluid Chiller ReChill® Upgrade Project Synopsis.

R134a with Inverter Conversion

Refrigerant R134a is a more energy efficient gas than R407C, but has a significantly lower heat energy movement, so requires a higher compressor capacity.

Staying Cool at Data Centre World

After months of preparation, we are excited that the show is finally upon us.

ThermaCom Support Oakdene Hollins at Resource 2015

ThermaCom are proud to support Oakdene Holins at Resource 2015 at London's ExCeL 3-5 March.

Data Centre World 2015

We are excited to be exhibiting at DataCentreWorld at ExCeL London, 11th and 12th March 2015.

Happy New Year

From all of us at ThermaCom and ThermOzone, we wish you a very happy and healthy (and R22-free!) 2015!


The Importance of Knowing your R Values

As this is the festive season I was considering and hopefully receiving a number of high volatile chemicals.

Sarah Brumwell

This is to say hello and thank you to Sarah Brumwell USA who is always thinking about us.

Re-Chill scores Triple Top for Chiller Engineering

The Environmental Troika - Refrigerants phase out Energy Reduction Recycling by re-use.

Taming the Screw

Semi-hermetic Screw compressors in association with HFC refrigerants R134a & R407C have now come to dominate as preferred compressor for most medium to large capacity Water Chillers.

The Re-Chill Concept Air-Conditioning Chiller

Recycling by Reuse in a tough financial climate.

Celebrating 20 Years

Cooling Specialists - BaFN Issue 906

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for your needs?

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